Dash Cam Help and Saving Cash.

It's no joke being ripped off by a fraudster.

Many a time have I seen accidents on the roads and people arguing by the side of the wreckage about whos fault it was - well I say many a time - but I have seen it quite a few times over the years.  More than 5 times put it that way.

Have you ever wondered just how hard it actually is to be in dispute over a road traffic accident?  Well have a think about it.  There are rules and regulations governing how we should drive a vehicle.  These aren't made up for the fun of it - and neither are they invented to keep politicians happy.  No - infact they are for our safety and the safety of pedestrians.

But as an aside - if all drivers followed these rules, then there would be no need for disputes.  What you will most often find is that one of the drivers involved has been an idiot, and the other is completely innocent.  The idiot will also be the same type of person who would like to cause an argument - as once an idiot - always an idiot.  Put it this way, the idiot driver is also likely to be an obstinate freakshow who likes to get his or her own way, thats why they caused the incident in the first place - bullish behaviour at the expense of everyone else.  So as you can imagine - there is no reason to suspect they would behave any differently during the aftermath of the accident they caused.

Getting a dash cam can help overcome these idiots and I have just read a great article on this subject here.  I'm not one for writing such polite articles - but by reading that you will see that not only can you trounse the thugs - you are also going to be saving yourself hard cold cash on your insurance simply by having one fitted.

So whilst they certainly act to put the fraudsters in their place - there are savings to be made aswell.  It makes sense all round to me to have one installed.

I have recently managed to get an old car of mine back on the road after being a bit strapped for cash.  The very first thing I did was install two cameras - one front - one back, so I am covered for most events now.  There are too many fools on the highways these days to take the risk of not having cams, and as you can see, with cameras paying for themselves it really is a no brainer to get them installed.

You may just want to start off with one as the costs up front can be prohibitive for some people, but once that is paid for on insurance discounts then you can always look into getting another.  A rear camera I find - is ideal for the motorway network, as tailgaters most often offend at high speed on long straight stretches of road.

Think about it - you can't go wrong if you get a dash cam!!

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UK man jailed based on dash cam footage from another driver!

Whats new in my driving amongs the world of no hopers?

I have a black bullet camera and I use it daily as I drive to and from work.  Sofar I have caught out a few idiots going about their daily business of wrecking peoples lives (and on a lesser scale their journey to work).

Recently though, in the UK, there was a landmark case - the first in it the country where an idiot road user was filmed on another drivers dash camera and prosecuted.

The reason this is a landmark case is as follows, the driver who made the recording decided it was fair and just to report the idiot to the police.  And he did - he presented video evidence of the thug driving at high speed and overtaking cars on blind bends showing total and absolute disregard for his own safety, and the safety of others.

Here is a link to the video.

Following an investigation by the police, the driver was prosecuted and get this ...... he has been handed an 8 MONTH JAIL SENTENCE for his behaviour, been banned from driving aswell!!!

This is fantastic news for all road users, as it shows that the police in the UK are taking dash cam footage so seriously that they are using it in court as evidence in prosecution cases.  And the bigger picture is even better - the more idiots who find out about this case - the more of them might think twice before behaving like a neanderthol when driving.

There are hundreds of thousands of dash cams out there on the roads now, and certainly they are becoming even more popular with hundreds if not thousands being installed in the UK every single day.  What this means is that there will soon be no place to hide for cretins who flout the laws and endanger lives - YOU ARE BEING WATCHED.

The great thing about this, is that if there is no accident, the first thing the prat will know about their illegal activity being caught with video footage is when they get an knock on their door from the police.  What a nice surprise for them!!

I cannot think of anything more satisfying than a chav being taken down to the station, and before they know it - finding themselves in court and jailed before their feet can touch the ground.  This is the PURPOSE of the EXISTENCE of the dash cam.

Its all very well having millions of facebook hits due to surfers being curious about what the dash cam can do for us decent road users - but it has never been enough.  Now with the advent of this incredible court case and prison sentence - the message is loud and clear for those who think they are tough enough to flout the laws of the land and put people in potentially lethal situations - GET A GRIB IDIOT - OR YOU ARE GOING DOWN!

Lets hope they get more of these scum drivers locked up - and if like me you own a dash cam - use it.

I wonder who the driver who did the filming was, it wasn't me this time round and I honestly hope I never get the chance - I wouldnt want to be near an incident like that at all.

Good luck everyone - and share the news!

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The Driving Blog.

This section will show posts related to videos people have produced with car cameras.  When I find them on youtube or people report them to me I will post them here for discussion.

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