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Keep upto date with our top tips - and also visit us to see the latest idiot driving videos where people have used car cameras to film bad driving instances.
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Driving With Care Launched on this Date.

The objective of our site is to teach people that poor driving is inexcusable.  With so many road traffic accidents each year causing fatalities and devastating injury - is it not time that people re-addressed their driving habits and at the very least made an effort to be polite to other car...
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Cutting People Up on the Roads by Pushing In Front of Them.

It seems to me that people have either a) Simply forgotten how to drive. b) Are lazy c) Are Selfish Maybe they are even all of the above. In the last 15 years or so I have noticed a marked degredation in the way people treat each other on the roads.  Drivers pushing past other, patient...
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