Cutting People Up on the Roads by Pushing In Front of Them.

It seems to me that people have either

a) Simply forgotten how to drive.
b) Are lazy
c) Are Selfish

Maybe they are even all of the above.

In the last 15 years or so I have noticed a marked degredation in the way people treat each other on the roads.  Drivers pushing past other, patient drivers who are waiting in line at traffic lights for example is a prime aggravation.  Lets take a look at this act of "cutting people up" as it is known.

You are waiting at the lights, and there are two lanes - you are on the inside lane which is for either turning left, or going straight ahead.

The lane to your right is empty and is strictly there for turning right.  The road ahead - beyond the junction - is a single lane - and that is where you want to go.  You have waited in the queue for around 20 minutes and are now finally at the lights waiting for them to turn green.

Now the outside lane is for turning right (remember?) and is used very rarely as it goes off down some kind of residential street and is a dead end - so everyone wanting to go straight ahead or left at the lights has to wait - whilst people turning right tend to be able to just drive right up to the signals.

Here we have it.  My first online example of an idiot selfish driver.  He comes down the outside lane driving past all the decent people waiting in line knowing full well that he is going straight on at the lights - not right.  We've all been there.  I am now in a position to race with the idiot because unless I do, he will cut infront of me and drive away - having abused all the people in the traffic.

No way will I let him go - what do I do.  Here is my solution.

I have a fairly powerful car and mr idiots car is nothing special - instead of racing away and leaving him to pull in behind me, I deliberately accelerate at a speed which matches his once the lights are on green - this method both infuriates him and prevents him from pulling in either behind me or infront.

The fact that he is infuriated at me and is now gesturing at me through his windscreen proves even more that he is an idiot.  Unlucky - nothing he can do other than ram me in the side - which he will never ever do because that would be deemed his fault.

I drive slowly away eventually leaving him in the middle of the junction looking like the fool he really is!

Other drivers behind me (often) close the gap so he can't get in aswell.

This is one great way of showing up a dangerous selfish driver and leaving them stuck in the wrong lane on the road.

Share this tip with your friends - and maybe one day the driver who is clearly thinking he is more important than everyone else will stop behaving like such a fool.